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COVID-19 and Socially Distant Tax Preparation Procedures:


I know some of you love to schedule your tax appointment with us and we appreciate seeing you, but for the safety of all of us we have gone to a virtual office this tax season. We have prepared several ways for you to get your tax documents to us to prepare your return, retrieve signatures, take your payment, and send you copies of your return. Please pick the option that works best for you.


  1. Drop off in the office: We will still have office hours where you can drop off and pick up your returns like we have always done.

  2. Mail: The US mail is a good way to send us documents, please let us know you are mailing them to us and we will keep an eye out and let you know when they arrive.

  3. Drop off Box: Yes, we have a Big, Black mail box for you to drop off any documents you need for us. We check the box daily and there is a security light for you. Please note, this box does not have a lock so let us know if you are dropping off and we will come out and pick it up. It is open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

  4. Email: You can always scan and email your documents to us at the following email address: 

  5. Secure Portal: Our professional tax software has a Secure Portal access for clients to use to send us sensitive information. Instructions on how to use it are located under the Forms tab and SecureFile Uploader.

  6. If you feel you would like to prepare your own personal taxes but would like a reasonable price for professional tax software, please investigate how our site can help you. You can find this located under the Tax Clients tab and Tax Tools.

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