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Please bring the following with you so that I can give you a free quote, customized to your particular business needs:

  • Copy of the check register or check stubs preferably with descriptions as to what these expenses are for. 

    • Example:  Southwestern Bell could be telephone expense or advertising.

  • Cash Receipts / Sales Journal: totaled and balanced

    • Please make a note when personal money or Loan deposits are put into the business by the owner or stockholder so that it is not recorded as income.

  • Bank statements with canceled checks and deposit slips if possible

  • Business credit card statements

  • Copies of paperwork on any assets purchased such as: Furniture and Equipment, Vehicles, Land or Buildings, Investments

  •   Copies of paperwork on Loans, Leases or Lines of Credit.

  • Payroll information:

                     1.     Federal and State ID #'s and booklets

                     2.     Employee information W-4's with Name, Address, and SS #

                     3.     Payroll frequency

                     4.     State unemployment Rate and ID#

  • Articles of Incorporation (if applicable)

Customized Quote Consultation
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