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Let McCann's Bookkeeping & Tax Service take the stress out of filing your taxes.

We offer convenient pick-up and drop-off services, a fast turnaround time, and reasonable rates.


Before your first visit,

1) Please fill out the personal information form here:



State Tax Refund (Received last year)


Sales of Stocks/Bonds

Social Security/Retirement Benefits

Partnership/Trust Income



Related Expenses

Dividends Forms 1099-Int/1099-Div

Job Education

Gambling/Lottery Winnings


Rents and Royalties

Sale of Personal/Other Properties

Unemployment Compensation

Itemized Deductions


Transportation Miles/Lodging Expenses

Out-of-pocket Prescriptions

Weight Loss and Smoking Programs

Home Improvements for Medical Reasons

Health Insurance Premium

Long Term Care Insurance Premium

Medical, Dental, Optical, Chiropractor Office Fees

Laboratory Fees

Hearing Aid and Battery, Eyeglasses

Insurance Co-pays


State & Local Income Tax Payments

State Return/Extension Payments

Estimated State and Federal Taxes, and Amounts


Real Estate Taxes Paid

Personal Property Taxes Paid


Interest Paid

Settlements/Closing Statements

Second Home Mortgage/Equity Loan Interest

Points Form 1098/Unreported

Investment Interest Form 4952

Mortgage Interest, Purchase/Re-financed, Form 1098

Charitable Contributions

Non-Cash Donations

Cash and/or Check Contributions

Volunteer Uniform Expenses

Volunteer Mileage

Job Expenses and Misc.

Un-reimbursed Employee Job

Uniforms/Job Travel

Union Dues

Job Education

Safety Deposit Box

Gambling Losses

Professional Journals

Professional Licenses

Tax Return Preparation Fees

Disabled Dependent

Job Seeking Expenses

Casualty and Theft Losses

Adjustments to Income

Self-Employed SEP Plans

Self-Employed Health Insurance/Reimbursments

Moving Expenses

Alimony Recipient's Name and SS#

Credits, Self Employed Info

Disabled Dependent

Job Seeking Expenses

Casualty and Theft Losses

Child & Dependent Care Expenses

     (Include Full Name, Address, SS# of Providers)

Household Employees

Minor/Disabled Dependents

Qualified Education Expenses

Tuition and Fees

Books, Room & Board


Self-Employed Information

Gross Receipts & Sales

Returns & Allowances

Costs of Goods Sold

Direct Expenses

Advertising, Insurance, Supplies, Utilities, Wages

Business & Farm Expenses

Business in Home Expenses

Mileage & Actual Expenses for Depreciation Items

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